My blog, YOUR choice..

This is your chance to choose what content this blog will have. Now I am wrapping up generation 1 it is time to think about generation 2.

1. Are you happy with the amount of chapters for generation 1?

(There will be around 40 in total).

Do you think there are too many chapters?
Do you want me to only write about the important events?

2. Are you happy with the length of the chapters?

Do you want chapters which are longer?
Do you want chapters which are shorter?

3. Do you have any other suggestions?

Please fill out the poll to the right or use the contact page.

Your feedback will be appreciated and noted, this is
your chance to decide the content of this blog!

I thought I’d make a FAQ page so you don’t have to wait for me to respond to your questions!

I love [insert sim name here], are they available for download?
Thank you for your interest and compliment in my legacy and the sims in it. However, I have decided not to upload my sims. I love that we can create sims which are truly unique and play any way we want to. For this reason I will be keeping my sims for my own use. You can of course create a sim to be like mine but they will not be exactly the same. I hope this decision is understood and respected.

Where can I find [insert custom content here] for download?
I use custom content in my sims games. The content is primarily from The Sims Resource, Mod The Sims and The Sims 3 Store. I have too much custom content in my game for me to name them all (and for you to want to look through the list!). The websites listed above have categories which are extremely helpful when you are looking for certain custom content, such as skin tones, hair styles, clothes or objects.

Where can I find hair colour presents to download?
I use my hair colour presents from Anubis (great selection of natural colours, especially blondes) and Far Fallen Sims (85 natural and colourful hair colours). I also create my own.

Can I add my legacy story link for you to read and add to your blog?
I am happy to add any legacy links that people ask me to. I will also do my best to read your legacy.

I have spotted a spelling mistake, how do I tell you about it?
Thank you for wanting to let me know about spelling mistakes I have made. I would very much appreciate it if you could either email me or leave a comment about the spelling mistake(s).
Please note, I live in the UK and some spellings are different from American English, These include mum/mom, neighbourhood/neighborhood, colour/color and more.

How can I contact you?
You can contact me by email using my contact form.
Please note, if you ask me questions that I have already answered on this page then I will more than likely ignore your email.


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